Julia wrapper for the Hypre library
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What is this repository for?

How do I get set up?

  • For installation/building of the hypre library, BinDeps.jl package is required.

  • To contribute, please make an issue or pull request. As a general guideline, modifications or additional low-level wrappers can be added to libhypre.jl, and helpers can be added to libhypre_h.jl. High-level wrappers go in Hypre.jl.

  • See also: corresponding openSUSE Build Service package for the cross-compiled windows library.

Who do I talk to?


  • [0.x.0]

    • Low level wrapper usable to offer "direct" translation/access to the library
    • Serial or MPI question settled, at least on Unix platforms
    • Windows support
  • [1.x.0]

    • High level wrapper for creation of structured (struct), semi-structured (sstruct), unstructured FE (FEI) (cpp?), and linear-algebraic (ij) matrices, preconditioners
    • Access to solution methods for defined matrices, including multigrid and other Krylov-based iterative methods implemented by Hypre