Vectors and sparse matrices partitioned into pieces for parallel distributed-memory computations.
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This package provides distributed (a.k.a. partitioned) vectors and sparse matrices in Julia. See the documentation for further details.

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  • STABLEDocumentation for the most recently tagged version.
  • LATESTDocumentation for the in-development version.

Help and discussion

  • You can open a new discussion to ask questions here.
  • If you have found a bug, open an issue here. Do not forget to include a (minimal) reproducer.


This package is under active development and there are several ways to contribute:

  • by enhancing the documentation (e.g., fixing typos, enhancing doc strings, adding examples).
  • by addressing one of the issues waiting for help.
  • by adding more tests to increase the code coverage.
  • by extending the current functionality. In this case, open a discussion here to coordinate with the package maintainers before proposing significant changes.