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Package to create Bulma themes to style Interact apps with Bulma css.

To learn how to use Interact, check out the Interact documentation.

Theming instruction

InteractBulma provides a compile_theme function to create a theme (a CSS file) based on variables and overrides. Check out the Bulma documentation to learn what variables can be used and how.

The function compile_theme(output) has two optional keyword arguments (variables and overrides) with the path of the scss file you want to use to customize variables or to add overrides respectively. output=mktempdir() is the folder chosen to store the resulting css files (main.css and main_confined.css).

Example usage

Here we will use variables from the flatly theme:

using Interact
using InteractBulma: compile_theme, examplefolder
variables_file = joinpath(examplefolder, "flatly", "_variables.scss") # here you would use your own style
mytheme = compile_theme(variables = variables_file)
button() # test the new looks of Interact widgets

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