Compile scss and sass file to css in Julia
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Compile scss and sass file to css in Julia

This library provides a simple Julian API to use the libsass library to compile scss and sass files to css.

using Sass
filename = joinpath(Sass.examplefolder, "test.sass")
Sass.compile_file(filename; precision = 1, source_comments = true)

To write the output to a file use the signature:

Sass.compile_file(filename, dest; kwargs...)

List of keyword arguments

All libsass options can be passed as keyword arguments:

  • output_style: output style for the generated css code. See Sass.Style for options. For example output_style = Sass.nested
  • source_comments: a boolean to specify whether to insert inline source comments
  • source_map_file: path to source map file, enables the source map generating used to create sourceMappingUrl
  • omit_source_map_url: disable sourceMappingUrl in css output
  • source_map_embed: embed sourceMappingUrl as data uri
  • source_map_contents: embed include contents in maps
  • source_map_file_urls: create file urls for sources
  • source_map_root: pass-through as sourceRoot property
  • is_indented_syntax_src: treat source_string as sass (as opposed to scss)
  • include_path (AbstractString or AbstractArray{<:AbstractString})
  • plugin_path (AbstractString or AbstractArray{<:AbstractString})
  • indent: string to be used for indentation
  • linefeed: string to be used to for line feeds
  • input_path: the input path is used for source map generating. It can be used to define something with string compilation or to overload the input file path. It is set to stdin for data contexts and to the input file on file contexts.
  • output_path: the output path is used for source map generating. LibSass will not write to this file, it is just used to create information in source-maps etc.
  • precision: precision for outputting fractional numbers

Using the libsass API

For more advanced use, the main functions of the libsass API are ported and can be used directly for a finer control. This is more complicated and should be unnecessary in most cases.

Example (from libsass docs): building a file compiler

using Sass
filename = joinpath(Sass.examplefolder, "test.sass")
context = sass_make_file_context(filename)
options = sass_file_context_get_options(context)
sass_option_set_precision(options, 1)
sass_option_set_source_comments(options, true)

sass_file_context_set_options(context, options)

compiler = sass_make_file_compiler(context)

output = sass_context_get_output_string(context)
# Retrieve errors during compilation
error_status = sass_context_get_error_status(context)
json_error = sass_context_get_error_json(context)
# Release memory dedicated to the C compiler

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