Population dynamics across space, in Julia.
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MetapopulationDynamics is a package for generalizable simulation of population dynamics across space, including models of occurrence, occupancy, and abundance, dispersal, response to environmental conditions, and more. In addition, these models can be run on different geometries (rasters, patches, and spatial graphs). The package includes many 'classic' models from population, metapopulation, and spatial ecology, but enables extension by allowing users to define custom models.

Here's the link to the documentation.

Warning The MetapopulationDynamics.jl package is currently under development. The API is not expected to change a lot, but it may change in order to facilitate the integration of new features. Not all functionality is guaranteed to function until the first production release.

Here's an simple example that runs the stochastic logistic model on a spatial graph.

using MetapopulationDynamics
using NeutralLandscapes

sg = SpatialGraph()
sl = StochasticLogistic(σ=5.)

@time timeseries = simulate(sl, sg)