Little helpers for neural networks in the Knet ecosystem
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Collection of little helpers to simplify various Machine Learning tasks (esp. building neural networks with Knet).

The German word Helferlein means something like little helper; please pronounce it like hell-fur-line.

The package follows mainly the Knet-style; i.e. all networks can be trained with the Knet-iterators, all layers can be used together with Knet-style quickly-self-written layers, all Knet-networks can be trained with tb_train!(), all data providers can be used together, ...

The high-level API makes its possible to define and train neural networks in less lines of code and even more intuitively as with high-level (Python-) frameworks.

See documentation and examples for a first intro.

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The package can be installed with the package manager as:

] add NNHelferlein


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