A simple Julia wrapper for Tesseract OCR
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A simple Julia wrapper for Tesseract OCR

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From the Julia REPL, type ] to enter the Pkg REPL mode and run:

pkg> add OCReract

This is just a wrapper, so it assumes you already have installed Tesseract.


This is a simple example of usage. For more details check the Documentation.

julia> using Images
julia> using OCReract
julia> img_path = "/path/to/img.png";
# In disk
julia> run_tesseract(img_path, "/tmp/res.txt", psm=3, oem=1)
# In memory
julia> img = Images.load(img_path);
julia> res_text = run_tesseract(img, psm=3, oem=1);
julia> println(strip(res_text));


In a Julia session, run Pkg.test("OCReract", coverage=true), or just run julia --code-coverage=all --inline=no test/runtests.jl.

Next steps

  • Develop a module for image pre-processing (to improve OCR results)

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