Julia interface to Plotly's ORCA image exporter app
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The primary purpose of this package is to enable saving PlotlyBase.Plot and PlotlyJS.SyncPlot figures to files like svg, png, pdf, etc.

This functionality is now built in to PlotlyBase.jl itself -- and thus available to PlotlyJS -- making ORCA.jl obsolete and not needed.

Please use the savefig routines built directly in to PlotlyBase instead of using this package


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Julia interface to plotly's ORCA tool for generating static files based on plotly graph specs.


There is a single exported function savefig. After loading PlotlyBase.jl or PlotlyJS.jl and creating a plot named p you can call savefig(p::Union{Plot,SyncPlot}, filename::String; options...) to save the plot in p to a file named filename. See docstring for a description of options.