Compute meteorology variables related to plants / crops
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WIP package to compute and get meteorological or climatic data related to plant growth.

Road map

  • Use an efficient structure for the meteo data (TimeStepTable{Atmosphere})
  • Add a generic interface for the weather forecast and history APIs
  • Add one meteo API (open-meteo)
  • Add a function for integrating sub-daily data into daily data, and check that sum(durations) == 24 hours
  • Add function to write meteo data (avoiding to write computed variables such as ρ or λ)
  • Add function for sampling historical data with e.g. temperature quartiles.
  • Add more APIs
  • Add functions for computing sub-daily data from daily data
  • TimeStepTable: Ensure that we don't copy the data when transforming to e.g. DataFrame. Related to #19.
  • TimeStepTable: Use views when indexing for better performance.
  • write_weather: don't transform into DataFrame for selecting columns? If so, implement a select of use the one from TableOperations.jl. Related to #19.