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PooksoftAlphaVantageDataStore.jl is an application programming interface (API) for AlphaVantage, a leading provider of realtime and historical stock, forex (FX) data, and digital/crypto currency data feeds written in the Julia programming language.

Installation and Requirements

PooksoftAlphaVantageDataStore.jl can be installed, updated, or removed using the Julia package management system. To access the package management interface, open the Julia REPL, and start the package mode by pressing ]. While in package mode, to install PooksoftAlphaVantageDataStore.jl, issue the command:

(@v1.6) pkg> add PooksoftAlphaVantageDataStore

To use PooksoftAlphaVantageDataStore.jl in your project issue the command:

julia> using PooksoftAlphaVantageDataStore

Utility functions

The utility functions construct two important composite data types, PSUserModel which encapsulates information about your AlphaVantage account and PSDataStoreAPICallModel which can be used along with the high-level interface to make AlphaVantage application programming interface (API) calls.

Utility functions:

Stock Time Series (STS) functions (low-level interface)

STS functions allow the user to download daily, weekly or monthly stock price data (or adjusted data) with a frequency depending upon your AlphaVantage account privileges. These functions take the form:


where {*} denotes the time frame for the data.

Stock Time Series (STS) functions (high-level interface)

There is also a high-level interface that calls the low-level functions. The high-level interface has the convenience function:


which takes a PSUserModel and a PSDataStoreAPICallModel object, along with an optional logger instance. Use the help system at the julia prompt for additional information on the execute_api_call function.

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