Remote interaction with hpc through a rest API server
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RemoteHPC attempts to wrap all the usual interactions one might have with a remote HPC cluster in a restAPI webserver that runs on the frontend of the cluster.


  • Store locally connection information to remote servers using Server
  • Remotely store information for available executables and execution environments using save(server, Exec(...)) and save(server, Environment(...)).
  • Load remotely stored info using load(server, Exec("<label>")) and load(server, Environment("<label>")).
  • Represent a line in a jobscript using Calculation(exec::Exec, infile::String, outfile::String, run::Bool, parallel::Bool).
  • Save and submit a job with save(server, jobdir, jobname, environment, calculations) and submit(server, jobdir) or combine both steps with submit(server, jobdir, jobname, environment, calculations).
  • The state of a job can be retrieved by state(server, jobdir).
  • A job can be aborted using abort(server, jobdir).
  • Support for running jobs with SLURM, HyperQueue, or Bash.
  • remote file operations: read,write, rm, mtime, link, etc.
  • Starting a remote server with start(server) and automatic creation of ssh tunnels by specifying server.local_tunnel, useful when the frontend of a cluster is behind a proxy.