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Adaptation of the librsvg.

This is a subset of the full API, but the main points

  • Open an svg file and render to a Cairo Context (surface)
  • Read svg data from a string and render to a Cairo Context

are available.

(To be correct at this point: A full binding/adaptation should be done via GObject Introspection - which might be available in the future. This here is just ccalls to solve sv to cairo import problems...)

Note on API: nothing is exported, you need to prefix Rsvg.callsomething


using Rsvg
using Cairo

filename_in = "a4.svg"
filename_out = "a4.png"

r = Rsvg.handle_new_from_file(filename_in);
d = Rsvg.handle_get_dimensions(r);
cs = Cairo.CairoImageSurface(d.width,d.height,Cairo.FORMAT_ARGB32);
c = Cairo.CairoContext(cs);


handle_get_dimensions(handle::RsvgHandle, dimension_data::RsvgDimensionData)
dimension_data = handle_get_dimensions(handle::RsvgHandle)
handle_set_dpi(handle::RsvgHandle, dpi::Float64)
handle_render_cairo(cr::CairoContext, handle::RsvgHandle)

Some Notes on Error Handling

There is none. You'll get all kinds of errors (missing something) via the GLib internals.

Interaction with other GLib based libraries

librsvg is usually used in a Gnome/GLib context. Some of the features therefore depend on availability of a GLib as shared resource, especially memory management. This package e.g. depends for destroying RsvgHandles on GLib infrastructure and strange things can happen if you manage to load 2 different GLib instances. As long as you use Rsvg along Gtk.jl and Cairo.jl you should be fine.