Defines distance_profile and utilities
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This package defines some common functionality used to calculate a distance between windows sliding over vectors.

  • distance_profile(dist, query, timeseries)
  • distance_profile!(D, dist, query, timeseries)
  • ZEuclidean <: Distances.Metric a Z-normalized Euclidean distance
  • ZNormalizer makes an array behave like each window into it is Z-normalized
  • DiagonalZNormalizer same as above, but for matrices and with a diagonal covariance matrix.
  • NormNormalizer makes an array behave like each window into it has unit norm
  • SqNormNormalizer same as above, but normalizes with the norm squared
  • sliding_mean!
  • sliding_mean_std
  • sliding_entropy / sliding_entropy_normalized

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