Julia implementation of the first and second synchrotron function
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This package computes the synchrotron kernel for a frequency ratio x = ν/ν0 and its polarisation components.

It is based on pynchrotron by J. Michael Burgess as used in Burgess et al (2019) and is a re-implementation of the GSL synchrotron functions.


using SynchrotronKernel

    General usage
# kernel value and polarisation components
K, K_ort, K_par = synchrotron_kernel(x)

# only kernel value
K = synchrotron_intensity(x)
# or
K = (x)

# polarisations
K_ort, K_par = synchrotron_polarisation(x)

    Synchrotron Functions

# first synchrotron function
K = (x)

# second synchrotron function
K = 𝒢(x)

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