Julia simulation package for TKTD models
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myTK = runTK([0,1,2,3], [0,0,2,2], 0.5)
julia> using TKTDsimulations

julia> mySD = runSD_MCMC([0,1,2,3], [0,1,20,2], [0.5, 2.4],[2.5, 2.1],[10.5, 16.0],[5.0, 2.4]);

julia> mySD.TK
2-element Array{Array{Float64,1},1}:
 [0.0, 0.21089023114020433, 4.575797874578747, 6.801834882676336]
 [0.0, 0.6309497946830392, 12.689036317855038, 8.153727962011798]

julia> mySD.TD
2-element Array{Array{Float64,1},1}:
 [1.0, 0.08208499862389876, 0.006737946999085473, 0.0005530843701478346]
 [1.0, 0.12245642825298195, 0.014995576820477731, 0.0018363047770289104]

For registration

Registration is done using Registrator.jl.

For the registration of this package, I did it with Register pacakges in

For its updates: I open the issue Registrator trigger and I add comment mentioning @JuliaRegistrator register and a realease notes (maybe more elaborate compared to these first release)

@JuliaRegistrator register

Release notes:

Check out my new features!

Then, a Pull Request is done from the Julia Tagbot, and once merged the package is updated in JuliaHub. See the issues comments Registrator trigger for information.

After the above pull request is merged, it is recommended that a tag is created on this repository for the registered package version. Or, this will be done automatically if the Julia TagBot GitHub Action is installed.

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