Automated integrated regression tests for graphics libraries
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Easy regression testing for visual packages. Automated tests compare similarity between a newly generated image and a reference image using the Images package. While in interactive mode, the tests can optionally pop up a Gtk GUI window showing a side-by-side comparison of the test and reference image, and then optionally overwrite the reference image with the test image. This allows for straightforward regression testing of image data, even when the "correct" images change over time.

Author: Thomas Breloff (@tbreloff)

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Two macros are provided that can be used to perform visual regression. The first macro is for general visual objects:

@visualtest testfun refimg popup tol


  • testfun is a function that takes a filename as input, produces a visual, and saves it to disk:
function testfun(fname)
  visual = produce() # produce some visual object
  save(fname, visual) # save visual to file using filename
  • refimg is the filename where to save the reference image for regression testing

  • popup tells whether or not a Gtk popup window should be shown in case of mismatch (default to true)

  • tol the tolerance of the comparison (default to 0.02)

The second macro is for plots generated with Plots.jl:

@plottest plotfun refimg popup tol

where the only difference is in the plotfun function. In this case, the function should take no argument, and produce a plot, without saving it. The macro will take care of saving the image as a PNG in the disk. Alternatively, the plotfun argument can be an entire sequence of commands (i.e. a function body):

@plottest begin
  # ...
end "foo.png"

Example GUI popup:


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