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Glue package between VoronoiFVM.jl and DifferentialEquations.jl

The package extends the constructors for ODEFunction and ODEProblem by methods taking in a VoronoiFVM.System:

using VoronoiFVMDiffEq, DifferentialEquations
system = VoronoiFVM.System(...)
inival = unknowns(system)
problem = ODEProblem(system,inival,tspan)
odesolution = DifferentialEquations.solve(problem, QNDF2())
voronoifvmsolution = reshape(odesolution, system)

Instead of QNDF2 you can try all mass matrix form capable stiff ode solvers form the DifferentialEquations.jl suite.

The package re-exports all of VoronoiFVM, so that it is sufficient to use this package instead of VoronoiFVM.jl.

The package requires a recent Julia version (currently 1.8) due to significant advances in package precompilation.