Reference single time step propagators. Part of the COFII framework.
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WaveFD.jl contains a reference collection of single time step wavefield propagation codes.

Note on unit tests and coverage

These single time step propagators are used to contruct nonlinear modeling operators and their linearizations in the JetPackWaveFD package. An extensive suite of unit tests guaranteeing correctness is implemented in JetPackWaveFD, and therefore is not re-implemented here.

Coverage statistics for tests in this package do not reflect the code as exercised by the unit tests in JetPackWaveFD.

Additional Notes

In addition to propagators, the Julia components of WaveFD.jl are meant to provide:

  • imaging conditions
  • wavelets
  • wavefield injection/extraction
  • wavefield compression (via CvxCompress)
  • absorbing boundary construction
  • extraction of a subset of an earth model for a given experiment aperture (ginsu)

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