User interface tools for bioinformatics.
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Biological data utilities for Makie.jl

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Installation and Setup

This package contains interactive biological visualizations and using Makie.

julia> ] add BioMakie
julia> using BioMakie

Basic GLMakie visualizations are implemented but WebGL is under construction.


To view a PDB structure, use the viewstruc function with a PDB ID or BioStructures protein structure.

julia> sv = viewstruc("2VB1")

julia> struc = retrievepdb("2vb1", dir = "data\\")
julia> sv = viewstruc(struc)

julia> struc = read("data\\2vb1_m1.pdb", BioStructures.PDB)
julia> sv = viewstruc(struc)

To view a multiple sequence alignment, use the viewmsa function with a Pfam ID or fasta file.

julia> mv = viewmsa("PF00062")

julia> mv = viewmsa("data/fasta1.fas")

Image of msa