Common Interface for Analytical and Numerical Electromagnetic Fields
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Common Interface for Electromagnetic Fields

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ElectromagneticFields.jl provides a common interface for evaluating analytical and numerical magnetic equilibria, general electromagnetic fields and in the future also simple Maxwell solvers. For analytical equilibria, it generates Julia code providing high-level evaluation routines. Numerical equilibria are interpolated using ApproXD and can be evaluated with the very same interface as the analytical equilibria.


Analytical equilibria:

  • simple axisymmetric tokamak equilibrium in cartesian, cylindrical and toroidal coordinates
  • flexible Solov'ev equilibria with and without X-point (including ITER, NSTX and FRC configurations)
  • symmetric quadratic and singular magnetic fields, symmetric Solov'ev equilibria
  • Penning trap
  • Arnold-Beltrami-Childress (ABC) field
  • 3D perturbations (e.g., magnetic islands, electric fields)

Numerical equilibria (planned):

  • projected analytic equilibria
  • EFIT
  • VMEC

Numerical solvers (planned):

  • B-Spline, FEM and pseudo-spectral Poisson, Ampère and Faraday solvers



The ElectromagneticFields.jl package is licensed under the MIT "Expat" License.

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