Common Interface for Analytical and Numerical Electromagnetic Fields
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Common Interface for Electromagnetic Fields

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ElectromagneticFields.jl provides a common interface for evaluating analytical and numerical magnetic equilibria, general electromagnetic fields and in the future also simple Maxwell solvers. For analytical equilibria, it generates Julia code providing high-level evaluation routines. Numerical equilibria are interpolated using ApproXD and can be evaluated with the very same interface as the analytical equilibria.


Analytical equilibria:

  • simple axisymmetric tokamak equilibrium in cartesian, cylindrical and toroidal coordinates
  • flexible Solov'ev equilibria with and without X-point
  • simple quadratic Solov'ev equilibrium as well as symmetric quadratic field
  • ABC field
  • 3D perturbations (e.g., magnetic islands)

Numerical equilibria (planned):

  • projected analytic equilibria
  • EFIT
  • VMEC

Numerical solvers (planned):

  • B-Spline, FEM and pseudo-spectral Poisson, Ampère and Faraday solvers


  • Antoine J. Cerfon, Jeffrey P. Freidberg. "One size fits all" analytic solutions to the Grad–Shafranov equation. Physics of Plasmas 17 (3), 032502.


The ElectromagneticFields.jl package is licensed under the MIT "Expat" License.

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