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Hiccup.jl is a super-simple library designed to make making HTML easy in Julia. It's heavily inspired by Clojure's Hiccup DSL.

julia> using Hiccup

julia> Hiccup.div("#foo.bar", "hi")
<div class="bar" id="foo">hi</div>

HTML nodes are stored as the Node{T} type which renders itself smartly.

julia> Node(:img, "#id.class1.class2", Dict(:src=>"http://www.com"))
<img src="http://www.com" id="id" class="class1 class2" />

julia> tag(ans)

A bunch of utility functions, with the names of tags, are provided which make this a bit more legible. You can import more with @tags:

julia> @tags img, svg

julia> svg("#id.class1.class2", Dict(:src=>"http://www.com"))
<svg class="class1 class2" src="http://www.com" id="id"></svg>

And that's basically it.