High Quality Geophysical Analysis provides a general purpose Bayesian and deterministic inversion framework for various geophysical methods and spatially distributed / timeseries data
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This is a general purpose package for spatial statistical inference, geophysical forward modeling, Bayesian inference and inversion (both deterministic and probabilistic).

Readily usable geophysical forward operators are for AEM, CSEM and MT physics (references underneath), for which the time domain AEM codes are fairly production-ready. We've added SMR physics too! The current EM modeling is in 1D, but the inversion framework is dimensionally agnostic (e.g., you can regress images). Adding your own geophysical operators is easy!


To install the latest stable release, in a perfect world we'd use Julia's Pkg REPL by hitting ] to enter pkg> mode. Then enter the following, at the pkg> prompt:

pkg> add HiQGA

For the latest development version on here, you'd want to then do

pkg> dev HiQGA


References, detailed instructions for installation, running examples and setting your environment on a cluster are ☞

Example AEM inversion