OpenMendel package for haplotyping and imputation
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Download and install Julia. Within Julia, copy and paste the following:

using Pkg

This package supports Julia v1.6+.

Note: BGEN format is currrently experimental and is not guaranteed to work properly.


Example run:

The following uses data under the data/ directory.

# load package & cd to data directory
using MendelImpute

# compress reference haplotypes from .vcf.gz to .jlso format
reffile = "ref.excludeTarget.vcf.gz"       # reference VCF file
tgtfile = "target.typedOnly.masked.vcf.gz" # target VCF file (GWAS file)
outfile = "ref.excludeTarget.jlso"         # output file name (end in .jlso)
compress_haplotypes(reffile, tgtfile, outfile)

# phase & impute
tgtfile = "target.typedOnly.masked.vcf.gz" # target VCF file (GWAS file)
reffile = "ref.excludeTarget.jlso"         # compressed reference file
outfile = "imputed.vcf.gz"                 # output file name
phase(tgtfile, reffile, outfile);

# check error rate (since data was simulated)
using VCFTools
Ximputed = convert_gt(Float64, "imputed.vcf.gz")  # imputed genotypes
Xtrue = convert_gt(Float64, "target.full.vcf.gz") # true genotypes
m, n = size(Xtrue) # matrix dimensions
error_rate = sum(Xtrue .!= Ximputed) / m / n

For more realistic example, see detailed example in documentation

Bug Fixes and User support

If you encounter a bug or need user support, please open a new issue on Github. Please provide as much detail as possible for bug reports, ideally a sequence of reproducible code that lead to the error.

PRs and feature requests are welcomed!


Our paper is on bioRxiv. If you want to cite MendelImpute.jl, please cite

    title = {{A Fast Data-Driven Method for Genotype Imputation, Phasing, and Local Ancestry Inference: MendelImpute.jl}},
    author = {Chu, Benjamin B and Sobel, Eric M and Wasiolek, Rory and Sinsheimer, Janet S and Zhou, Hua and Lange, Kenneth},
    year = {2020},
    journal={arXiv preprint DOI:10.1101/2020.10.24.353755}


This project is supported by the National Institutes of Health under NIGMS awards R01GM053275 and R25GM103774 and NHGRI award R01HG006139.