MOdelica Scripting Tools - scripts that help to interact with modelica models through OMJulia and OMPython
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ModelicaScriptingTools.jl (or short MoST.jl) contains utility functions to improve the usability of OMJulia. This currently includes the following main features:

  • Easy setup of OMCSession with configurable output and model directory
  • Escaping and unescaping Modelica strings for use in sendExpression()
  • Support for unit tests and regression tests using Julia's Test package
  • Documentation generation for Modelica models using Documenter.jl


The documentation can be found on GitHub pages.


MoST.jl is available as a Julia package with the name ModelicaScriptingTools. You can install it using the Pkg REPL, which can be accessed by typing ] in a Julia prompt.

pkg> add ModelicaScriptingTools

Alternatively you can also install MoST.jl using the following Julia commands:

using Pkg

Python dependencies

This module has additional dependencies to python modules via PyCall. If you get an error message that looks something like this

The Python package lxml could not be found by pyimport. Usually this means
that you did not install lxml in the Python version being used by PyCall.

PyCall is currently configured to use the Python version at:


you should follow the advice at the end of the error message and use the following command from the command line.

julia -e 'ENV["PYTHON"]=""; using Pkg;"PyCall")'

so that PyCall can manage the required python modules in a private Anaconda installation.

Alternatively you can, of course, also install the required modules (which are listed in the file requirements.txt) in the same way that you would normally use to install python packages (apt-get, pip, conda, ...).


The following example uses MoST.jl to test the model defined in the file test/res/È by loading and instantiating the model, performing a simulation according to the settings specified in the model file, and comparing the results, which are written in the folder test/out, to a reference dataset in test/regRefData, if such a reference file exists.

using ModelicaScriptingTools
using Test

withOMC("test/out", "test/res") do omc
    @testset "Example" begin
        testmodel(omc, "Example"; refdir="test/regRefData")

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