Convenient line plots of time series data identified by string keys (using GLMakie)
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⚠️ INFO: This repository is deprecated

Do no longer use this repository. Use instead ModiaResult.jl. For more details, see ModiaSim.


Stable The MIT License

ModiaPlot is part of ModiaSim.

ModiaPlot provides a convenient interface to produce line plots of time series data where a time series is identified by a String key. The legends/labels of the plots are automatically constructed by the keys and the units of the time series. Example:

# result is a dictionary Dict{String,Any}.
ModiaPlot.plot(result, [ ("phi", "r")        ("phi", "phi2", "w");
                         ("w", "w2", "phi2") "w"                ],
               heading="Matrix of plots")

generates the following plot:


The underlying line plot is generated by GLMakie.


The package is registered and is installed with (Julia >= 1.5 is required):

julia> ]add ModiaPlot

It is recommended to also add the following packages, in order that all tests can be executed in an own environment (]test ModiaPlot works without adding these packages).

julia> ]add Unitful, DataStructures, Measurements, MonteCarloMeasurements, Distributions

Main developer

Martin Otter, DLR - Institute of System Dynamics and Control