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Do no longer use this repository. Use instead Modia.jl. For more details, see ModiaSim.


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TinyModia is part of ModiaSim.

TinyModia is a minimalistic environment in form of a Julia package to model and simulate physical systems (electrical, mechanical, thermo-dynamical, etc.) described by differential and algebraic equations. A user defines a model on a high level with model components (like a mechanical body, an electrical resistance, or a pipe) that are physically connected together. A model component is constructed by "expression = expression" equations. The defined model is symbolically processed (for example, equations might be analytically differentiated) with algorithms from package ModiaBase.jl. From the transformed model a Julia function is generated that is used to simulate the model with integrators from DifferentialEquations.jl. The basic type of the floating point variables in the generated function is usually Float64, but can be set to any type T<:AbstractFloat, for example Float32, DoubleFloat, Measurement{Float64}, StaticParticles{Float64,100}.


The package is registered and is installed with (Julia >= 1.5 is required):

julia> ]add TinyModia

It is recommended to also add the following packages, in order that all tests and examples can be executed in your standard environment:

julia> ]add ModiaPlot, Unitful, DifferentialEquations, Measurements, MonteCarloMeasurements, Distributions

Main Developers

License: MIT (expat)