Methods to compute sets of states reachable by dynamical systems
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Reachability analysis is concerned with computing rigorous approximations of the set of states reachable by a dynamical system. In the scope of this package are systems modeled by ordinary differential equations (ODEs) with uncertain initial states, uncertain parameters or non-deterministic inputs. The package also considers the extension to so-called hybrid systems where the dynamics changes with discrete events.



The following types of systems are supported.

  • Continuous ODEs with linear dynamics (GLGM06, LGG09, BFFPSV18) ✔️
  • Continuous ODEs with linear dynamics and parametric uncertainty (ASB07) ✔️
  • Continuous ODEs with non-linear dynamics (TMJets) ✔️
  • Hybrid systems with piecewise-affine dynamics ✔️
  • Hybrid systems with non-linear dynamics ✔️
  • Hybrid systems with clocked linear dynamics ✔️

Research credit and full references to the scientific papers presenting the algorithms implemented in this package can be found in the source code for each algorithm and in the References section of the online documentation.


Open a Julia session and activate the pkg mode (to activate the pkg mode in Julia's REPL, type ], and to leave it, type <backspace>), and enter:

pkg> add ReachabilityAnalysis


If you use this package for your research, we kindly ask you to consider citing the following paper, see CITATION.bib.