Port of Richard Schreier's Delta Sigma Toolbox
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RSDeltaSigmaPort.jl: Port of Richard Schreier's Delta Sigma Toolbox¹

Galleries: 🎨 Sample notebooks (w/outputs)

¹Richard Schreier (2021). Delta Sigma Toolbox (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved March 20, 2021.

Build Status

⚠️ Progress report

INTERMEDIATE STAGE OF PORT: A significant portion of the Delta Sigma toolbox has been ported.

The following high-level functionnality has (at least partially) been ported:

  • simulateDSM, simulateMS, simulateSNR, simulateHBF
  • synthesizeNTF, realizeNTF, realizeNTF_ct
  • calculateSNR, peakSNR, predictSNR
  • calculateTF, evalTF, evalTFP
  • stuffABCD, scaleABCD, mapABCD, partitionABCD
  • mapCtoD, mapQtoR
  • exampleHBF
  • pulse, impL1
  • lollipop, logsmooth
  • documentNTF, plotExampleSpectrum

And demos:

  • dsdemo1, ..., dsdemo6, dsexample1, dsexample2, demoLPandBP

Table of contents

  1. Description
  2. Sample usage
    1. IJupyter notebooks (notebook/)
    2. IJupyter notebooks (with output)
    3. Sample directory w/plain .jl files (sample/)
  3. Plotting
  4. Installation
  5. Running sample scripts
  6. Function (API) help
  7. Julia tips
    1. Useful functions
    2. linspace() & logspace()
  8. Known limitations
    1. TODO


As its name suggests, RSDeltaSigmaPort.jl is a Julia port of Richard Schreier's Delta Sigma Toolbox.

Module name

Note that this module is not named something like DeltaSigmaModulators.jl, thus allowing someone else to appropriate the package name later on. Hopefully, RSDeltaSigmaPort will eventually be superseded by a more generically named package that is better integrated with Julia's ecosystem than this simple port.

Design decisions

This module tries to remain true to the original Delta Sigma Toolbox while conforming to some Julia patterns, including:

  • Multiple dispatch (make function calls simpler to write).
  • Not writing each function definition in its own, separate file.
  • Using keyword arguments when deemed appropriate.
  • Returning NamedTuples instead of simple arrays when multiple values are returned.
  • ...

Progressively replacing modulator parameters in function calls with RealDSM and QuadratureDSM objects:

  • Simplifies function interface for user.
  • Centralizes defaults for parameter values on construction of RealDSM and QuadratureDSM.
  • Looking to keep "original" function interface (with individual modulator parameters) available for accustomed users.
  • Looking to remove default values from said interface to avoid unexpected bugs from inconsistent defaults.
  • Might change with time (not sure if certain parameters, like opt, should migrate to a NTF structure or something).


RSDeltaSigmaPort.jl uses CMDimData.jl/EasyPlot to handle plotting. For examples on how to generate new/customized plots, see the built-in functions found in plot_*.jl files in the source directory:


The RSDeltaSigmaPort.jl toolbox is written using the Julia programming language. Unless you already have Julia installed, you will need to first install the base language. Simply download & install the most recent version of Julia from Julia's official "downloads" page.

Julia's official "downloads" page:

Step 2 is to install the RSDeltaSigmaPort.jl package itself. Since RSDeltaSigmaPort.jl is registered with Julia's General registry, you can automatically download & install it from Julia's built-in package manager. Simply launch Julia, and run the following from the command prompt:

julia> ]
pkg> add RSDeltaSigmaPort

Running sample scripts

Sample scripts in the sample/ subdirectory can be run using include().

For convenience, the @runsample macro automatically locates the script path and executes include() for you:

julia> using RSDeltaSigmaPort #Will take a while to load, compile, etc...
julia> import RSDeltaSigmaPort: @runsample

julia> @runsample("dsdemo1.jl")
julia> @runsample("dsdemo2.jl")
julia> @runsample("dsdemo3.jl")
julia> @runsample("dsdemo4_audio.jl")
julia> @runsample("dsdemo5.jl")
julia> @runsample("dsdemo6.jl")
julia> @runsample("dsexample1.jl")
julia> @runsample("dsexample2.jl")
julia> @runsample("demoLPandBP.jl")

Function (API) help

Typing ?RSDeltaSigmaPort in Julia's command line gives you a list of available functions:

julia> ?
help?> RSDeltaSigmaPort

Information on individual functions can be obtained in a similar fashion. Example:

julia> ?
help?> simulateDSM

Original documentation

Richard Schreier's original documentation is available here:

Known limitations

Functions that are not supported:

  • printmif()



Extensive compatibility testing of RSDeltaSigmaPort.jl has not been performed. The module has been tested using the following environment(s):

  • Linux / Julia-1.6.0

⚠️ Disclaimer

  • INTERMEDIATE STAGE OF PORT: A significant portion of the Delta Sigma toolbox has been ported.
  • Jupyter notebooks might be slightly broken/out of date. If so, see their counterparts in the sample/ directory for a more regularly maintained example.
  • The RSDeltaSigmaPort.jl module is not yet mature. Expect significant changes.