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Basic astronomical coordinate systems in Julia.


julia> Pkg.add("SkyCoords")


There are currently three supported coordinate systems. The following immutable types are used to represent coordinates in each system:

  • ICRSCoords: ICRS coordinates system
  • GalCoords: Galactic coordinates system
  • FK5Coords: FK5 coordinates system (with arbitrary equinox)
  • EclipticCoords: Ecliptic coordinates system
julia> c1 = ICRSCoords(0, 0)  # inputs are ra, dec in radians
ICRSCoords{Float64}(0.0, 0.0)

julia> c2 = convert(GalCoords, c1) # convert to a different system
GalCoords{Float64}(1.6814027872278692, -1.0504884034813007)

julia> convert(FK5Coords{2000}, c1)
FK5Coords{2000,Float64}(1.1102233723050067e-7, 4.411803426976326e-8)

julia> separation(c1, ICRSCoords(1., 0.)) # radians

julia> position_angle(c1, ICRSCoords(1, 0)) |> rad2deg

For more information, visit the documentation

License and Credits

License is MIT. This package profits from the hard work that went into astropy.coordinates, especially in terms of testing and coordinate system definitions.

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