Neural Network based models for Natural Language Processing
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A Julia package for natural language neural network models.

Warning The models in this repo are no longer state of the art -- the field has moved on very quickly. See Transformers.jl for more modern methods.


The TextModels package enhances the TextAnalysis package with end-user focussed, practical natural language models, typically based on neural networks (in this case, Flux). Please see the documentation for more.


pkg> add TextModels

Some of the models require data files to run, which are downloaded on demand. Therefore, internet access is required at runtime for certain functionality in this package.

Contributing and Reporting Bugs

Contributions, in the form of bug-reports, pull requests, additional documentation are encouraged. They can be made to the Github repository.

All contributions and communications should abide by the Julia Community Standards.


Feel free to ask for help on the Julia Discourse forum, or in the #natural-language channel on julia-slack. (Which you can join here). You can also raise issues in this repository to request new features and/or improvements to the documentation and codebase.