Julia package for text analysis
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A Julia package for working with text.

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TextAnalysis provides support for standard tools and models for working with textual data and natural languages in the Julia language.


  • Container type for Document and Corpus
  • DocumentTermMatrix and TF/IDF
  • Vocabulary and statistical Language Model
  • Co-occurance matrix
  • NaiveBayes classifier
  • ROUGE evaluation metrics

This package also incorporates features from the Languages and WordTokenizers packages within the JuliaText ecosystem.


The TextModels package enhances this library with the additon of practical neural network based models. Some of that code used to live in this package, but was moved to simplify installation and reduce the number of dependencies.


pkg> add TextAnalysis

Contributing and Reporting Bugs

Contributions, in the form of bug-reports, pull requests, additional documentation are encouraged. They can be made to the Github repository.

All contributions and communications should abide by the Julia Community Standards.


Feel free to ask for help on the Julia Discourse forum, or in the #natural-language channel on julia-slack. (Which you can join here). You can also raise issues in this repository to request new features and/or improvements to the documentation and codebase.