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A Julia package for working with text.

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Please see the detailed manual and API Documentation for the linked above. The package also comes with a set of docstrings for offline documentation access.


TextAnalysis provides support for standard tools and models for working with textual data and natural languages in the Julia langauges. Please see the documentation for more.

  • Features : Refer to NEWS.md for the latest features.
  • License : MIT License


pkg> add TextAnalysis

You may want to work on the master branch for the latest features (as mentioned in NEWS.md).

pkg> add TextAnalysis#master

Contributing and Reporting Bugs

Contributions, in the form of bug-reports, pull requests, additional documentation are encouraged. They can be made to the Github repository.

All contributions and communications should abide by the Julia Community Standards.


Feel free to ask for help on the Julia Discourse forum, or in the #natural-language channel on julia-slack. (Which you can join here). You can also raise issues in this repository to request new features and/or improvements to the documentation and codebase.

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