The fastest tropical matrix multiplication in the world!
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The fastest tropical matrix multiplication in the world!

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Get started

Open a Julia REPL and type ] to enter the pkg> mode, and then install related packages with

pkg> add TropicalNumbers, Octavian, TropicalGEMM, BenchmarkTools

In a julia REPL, you can try a minimum working example

julia> using TropicalNumbers, Octavian, TropicalGEMM, BenchmarkTools

julia> a = Tropical.(randn(1000, 1000))

julia> @benchmark Octavian.matmul_serial($a, $a)


Matrix size n x n, CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10400 CPU @ 2.90GHz. The benchmark and plotting scripts could be found in the benchmarks folder.

Float64 Float32


It is expected to have an ambiguity error when one uses both TropicalGEMM and CUDA. If you see these errors, please include example/cudapatch.jl in your project.