A client interface to read from and write to the TypeDB Knowledge Graph
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TypeDB Client for Julia

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This is a community approach to translate a given client interface to the knowledge graph database TypeDB, made by Vaticle, into Julia Language.

Starting out as an educational project and to benefit the Julia ecosystem.

Please review the user guide or if you'd like to help building this check the contribution guidlines in the docs.

What is TypeDB about

Read up here: https://vaticle.com/

TypeDB is the knowledge graph engine to organise complex networks of data and making it queryable, by performing knowledge engineering. Rooted in Knowledge Representation and Automated Reasoning, TypeDB provides the knowledge foundation for cognitive and intelligent (e.g. AI) systems, by providing an intelligent language for modelling, transactions and analytics. Being a distributed database, TypeDB is designed to scale over a network of computers through partitioning and replication.


TypeDB 2.0 has been released, these are the highlights of the new version:

Replaced Cassandra with RocksDB
New Graph Storage Engine: replacing JanusGraph
New TypeDB Type System: our Knowledge Representation
New Graql: even simpler and more powerful
New Traversal Engine: replacing TinkerPop/Gremlin
New Query Planner: an Integer Linear Program
New Reasoning Engine: based on Event Loop + Actor Model
New Query Engine: an Asynchronous Producer-Consumer
New Client-Server Protocol: a Reactive Stream
New TypeDB Cluster: a Raft based distributed TypeDB
New TypeDB Console: powered by PicoCLI + JLine
New Benchmarking System: an Agent-based Simulation
New Grabl CI/CD: replacing CircleCI

Read about it here in the forum.

How to start

Check the docs for install instructions and examples (WIP)

For further questions about how to start, ideally find us on Discord.

The TypeDB community also has a Discord server here.

Please find open issues that look for help in order to contribute.

Project status

The current project status can be seen on the GitHub Project Kanban.

Contributions are welcome!

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