Variance Covariance Matrices for developers
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This package should be used as a backend by package developers. It allows developers to add a ::CovarianceEstimator argument in the fit method defined by their package. See FixedEffectModels for an example.

Each type defined in this package defines the following methods:

# return a vector indicating non-missing observations for standard errors
completecases(table, ::CovarianceEstimator) = trues(size(df, 1))
# materialize a CovarianceEstimator by using the data needed to compute the standard errors
materialize(table, v::CovarianceEstimator) = v
# return variance-covariance matrix
vcov(x::RegressionModel, ::CovarianceEstimator) = error("vcov not defined for this type")
# returns the degree of freedom for the F-statistic
df_FStat(x::RegressionModel, ::CovarianceEstimator, hasintercept::Bool) = dof_residual(x) - hasintercept

For now, it includes Vcov.simple(), Vcov.robust(), and Vcov.cluster(...).


Matthieu Gomez, Valentin Haddad, Erik Loualiche


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