A Bayesian Analysis Toolkit in Julia
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Welcome to BAT, a Bayesian analysis toolkit in Julia.

BAT.jl currently includes:

  • Metropolis-Hastings MCMC sampling
  • Adaptive Harmonic Mean Integration (AHMI)
  • Plotting recipes for MCMC samples and statistics

Additional sampling algorithms and other features are in preparation.

BAT.jl originated as a rewrite/redesign of BAT, the Bayesian Analysis Toolkit in C++. BAT.jl now offer a different set of functionality and a wider variety of algorithms than it's C++ predecessor.


To install BAT.jl, start Julia and run

julia> using Pkg
julia> pkg"add BAT"

!!! note

BAT.jl requires Julia >= v1.3, we recommend to use Julia >= v1.5.


Citing BAT.jl

When using BAT.jl for research, teaching or similar, please cite our work, see CITATION.bib.

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