Basic Camera Models including pinhole, radial distortion and more.
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This package is meant to consolidate the camera models previously found in the Julia package ecosystem. There are still many gaps and community contributions are encouranged.


Basic Camera Models including pinhole, radial distortion etc.

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Consolidated Package of Camera Models from Julia Community

The following camera calibration / projection models were found and consolidated in to a common CameraCalibration type with many helper functions to facility downstream adoption of this package:

  • JuliaRobotics/SensorFeatureTracking.jl: PinholeCamera, CameraIntrinsics, CameraExtrinsics,CameraModelFull
  • yakir12/CameraModels: Pinhole
  • JuliaImages/CameraGeometry.jl
  • More models to consolidate: #1 (comment)

JuliaRobotics/CameraModels.jl Image Convention

The image convention is intended to be the best compromise between JuliaImages's unified Array stack, and established OpenCV conventions. Also see Augmentor.jl's Images description, and open issues to help resolve miscommunication or convention issues. The following figure is hosted in this repo, with raw image for easy update via

Images Convention


Project organization is currently done here:

Initial TODO List

  • Copy existing camera code from Caesar.jl and RoME.jl here,
  • Functional tests for consolidated CameraCalibration type
  • Implement radial distortion computations,
  • Numerical tests for pinhole camera model,
  • Homography point projections in 2D,
  • Improve documentation,
  • Integrate downstream with packages like AprilTags.jl and Caesar.jl
  • Tests for radial distortion model,
  • Homogeneous coordinates model,
  • ...



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