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In Julia you can install this package by typing

] add ManifoldsBase

in the Julia REPL.

Since this package provides an interface, you probably either want to add it as a dependency to your project/package to work on manifold generically or implement a new manifold. A package that (only) depends on ManifoldsBase.jl, see Manopt.jl, which implements optimization algorithms on manifolds using this interface, i.e. they can be used with any manifold based on ManifoldsBase.jl. A library of manifolds implemented using this interface is provided see Manifolds.jl.

Your package is using ManifoldsBase? Give us a note and we add you here.


If you use ManifoldsBase.jl in your work, please cite the following

Author = {Seth D. Axen and Mateusz Baran and Ronny Bergmann and Krzysztof Rzecki},
Title = {Manifolds.jl: An Extensible Julia Framework for Data Analysis on Manifolds},
Year = {2021},
Eprint = {2106.08777},
Eprinttype = {arXiv},

To refer to a certain version we recommend to also cite for example

    AUTHOR    = {Seth D. Axen and Mateusz Baran and Ronny Bergmann},
    TITLE     = {ManifoldsBase.jl},
    DOI       = {10.5281/ZENODO.5964340},
    URL       = {https://zenodo.org/record/5964340},
    PUBLISHER = {Zenodo},
    YEAR      = {2022},
    COPYRIGHT = {MIT License}

Note that both citations are in BibLaTeX format.

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