Clique recycling non-Gaussian (multi-modal) factor graph solver; also see Caesar.jl.
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Optimization routines for incremental non-parametric and parametric solutions based on factor graphs and the Bayes (Junction) tree implemented in the Julia language (and JuliaPro).


This package implements a few different non-Gaussian factor graph inference algorithms, primarily

  • Multi-Modal iSAM (MM-iSAM) (see references) which does hybrid non-parametric and parametric inference/state-estimation over large factor graphs.
  • Batch Parametric (akin to conventional "non-linear least squares"),
  • Max-mixtures parametric,
  • Other multiparametric and non-Gaussian algorithms are in the works and will be announced in due course.

Fundamentally, inference is performed via the Bayes (junction) tree where Chapman-Kolmogorov transit integral solutions are based on marginal-joint belief estimation (a sum-product / belief-propagation approximation algorithm). Many benefits such as clique recycling are also available. See the common Caesar.jl documenation for more details. caesar-docs

This package forms a cardinal piece of the Caesar.jl robotics toolkit, including 3D visualization and database interaction, which can serve as a base station for a robotic platform. A standalone Robot Motion Estimate (RoME.jl) package extends the available variables, factors, and utilities for use in robotic navigation. iif-deps-img

Note, that IncrementalInference.jl does not have to be used with RoME.jl / Caesar.jl -- IncrementalInference.jl only implements the algebraic inference operations against mathematical abstractions such as Manifolds.jl.

Furthermore, please contact for more formal support on this package,


Install the package from inside Julia

(v1.6) pkg> add IncrementalInference

Pre-install the following packages system wide packages[, and easily draw factor graph and Bayes tree]:

sudo apt-get install hdf5-tools
sudo apt-get install graphviz xdot # optional


See the common Caesar.jl documenation for more details caesar-docs. Further examples can be found in the examples and test folders.

Cite and Contributors

We are grateful for many, many contributions within the Julia package ecosystem -- see the Project.toml files for a far reaching list of upstream packages and contributions.

Consider citing our work using the common reference at Caesar.jl Citation with IncrementalInference.jl DOI

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