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The PowerApps.jl package provides tools to view and manage systems created with PowerSystems.jl in a web app interface like the one shown here:



julia> ]add PowerApps

PowerSystems Explorer

This application allows users to browse PowerSystems components and time series data in a web UI via Plotly Dash. Here's how to start it:

julia> using PowerApps
julia> run_system_explorer()
[ Info: Navigate browser to:
[ Info: Listening on:

Open your browser to the IP address and port listed. In this case: The System Explorer app will appear with three tabs:

  • System: enter a path to a raw data file or serialized JSON and load the system. Component data can be explored by type, and can be sorted and filtered.
  • Time Series: time series data for components selected on the "System" tab can be viewed and visualized
  • Maps: a shapefile can be loaded (optional), and nodes (Bus) and Branchs can be plotted. Several configuration options provide opportunities to visualize the geo-spatial data. note: geospatial layouts are significantly more useful when "latitude" and "longitude" is defined in the Bus.ext fields. Without bus coordinates, an automatic layout will be applied


Consult https://dash.plotly.com/julia for help extending the UI.

Set the environment variable SIIP_DEBUG to enable hot-reloading of the UI.

Mac or Linux

$ export SIIP_DEBUG=1
# or
$ SIIP_DEBUG=1 julia --project src/system_explorer_app.jl

Windows PowerShell

$Env:SIIP_DEBUG = "1"


PowerApps.jl is released under a BSD license. PowerApps.jl has been developed as part of the Scalable Integrated Infrastructure Planning (SIIP) initiative at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

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