Data structures in Julia to enable power systems analysis. Part of the Scalable Integrated Infrastructure Planning Initiative at the National Renewable Energy Lab.
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The PowerSystems.jl package provides a rigorous data model using Julia structures to enable power systems analysis and modeling. In addition to stand-alone system analysis tools and data model building, the PowerSystems.jl package is used as the foundational data container for the PowerSimulations.jl and PowerSimulationsDynamics.jl packages. PowerSystems.jl supports a limited number of data file formats for parsing.

Version Advisory

  • PowerSystems will work with Julia v1.6+.
  • If you are planning to use PowerSystems.jl in your package, check the roadmap to version 3.0 for upcoming changes

Device data enabled in PowerSystems

  • Generators (Thermal, Renewable and Hydro)
  • Transmission (Lines, and Transformers)
  • Active Flow control devices (DC Lines and Phase Shifting Transformers)
  • Topological elements (Buses, Arcs, Areas)
  • Storage (Batteries)
  • Load (Static, and Curtailable)
  • Services (Reserves, Transfers)
  • TimeSeries (Deterministic, Scenarios, Probabilistic)
  • Dynamic Generators Models
  • Dynamic Inverter Models

For a more exhaustive list check the Documentation.

Parsing capabilities in PowerSystems

  • MATPOWER CaseFormat
  • PSS/e - PTI Format v30 and v33(.raw and .dyr files)
  • RTS-GMLC table data format


Contributions to the development and enhancement of PowerSystems is welcome. Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for code contribution guidelines.

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PowerSystems is released under a BSD license. PowerSystems has been developed as part of the Scalable Integrated Infrastructure Planning (SIIP) initiative at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).