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Provides a handful of dynamics models of common robotic platforms, implemented using the RobotDynamics.jl package. The following models are currently implemented:

  • Acrobot (Acrobot)
  • Dubins Car (unicycle model) (DubinsCar)
  • Kinematic Bicycle car model (BicycleModel)
  • Cartpole (Cartpole)
  • Double Integrator (DoubleIntegrator)
  • Pendulum (Pendulum)
  • Quadrotor (Quadrotor)
  • Airplane (YakPlane)
  • Satellite (Satellite)

Most models can be constructed using their default constructor, e.g. model = RobotZoo.Cartpole(). To get more information on each model, refer to the documentation for each type, accessible via the command line:


Example Usage

using RobotZoo
import RobotDynamics as RD

model = RobotZoo.Cartpole()
n,m = RD.dims(model)

# Generate random state and control vector
x,u = rand(model)
t = 0.0   # time (s)
dt = 0.1  # time step (s)
z = RD.KnotPoint(x,u,t,dt)

# Evaluate the continuous dynamics and Jacobian= dynamics(model, x, u)
∇f = zeros(n, n + m)
RD.jacobian!(RD.StaticReturn(), RD.ForwardAD(), model, ∇f, ẋ, model, z)

# Evaluate the discrete dynamics and Jacobian
dmodel = RD.DiscretizedDynamics{RD.RK4}(model)
x′ = RD.discrete_dynamics(dmodel, model, x, u, t, dt)
RD.discrete_jacobian!(RD.StaticReturn(), RD.ForwardAD(), dmodel, ∇f, x′, z)