Stan.jl illustrates the usage of the 'single method' packages, e.g. StanSample, StanOptimize, etc.
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A collection of examples demonstrating to use Stan's cmdstan (as an external program) from Julia.

Background info

The first 2 generations of Stan.jl took a similar approach as the recently released CmdStanR and CmdStanPy options to use Stan's cmdstan executable.

Stan.jl v6.x constitutes the third generation and covers all of cmdstan's features in separate modules, i.e. StanVariational, StanSample, etc., including an option to run generate_quantities. In a sense, it extends Tamas Papp's approach taken in StanRun, StanDump and StanSamples.

Stan.jl v6.x will contain examples using the features available in StanJulia component packages.

My intention is to continue maintenance of CmdStan.jl at least until late 2021.


Stan's cmdstan executable needs to be installed separatedly. Please see cmdstan installation.

For more info on Stan, please go to