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This package provides a convenient Julia interface for loading standard named test images and example images for the internal usage in JuliaImages. This can be used in conjunction with the Images package.


Full documentation and description of the images available in TestImages.jl can be found here.


TestImages doesn't support image IO by itself, which means you need to install some backends on your choice, e.g., ImageMagick.jl, QuartzImageIO, OMETIFF.jl.


using TestImages

img = testimage("cameraman.tif") # fullname
img = testimage("cameraman) # without extension works
img = testimage("cam") # with only partial name also works

phantom = TestImages.shepp_logan(256) # generate the Shepp-Logan phantom image

Images will be automatically downloaded into artifact folders when you load the image for the first time.


For users with Julia < v1.3.0, TestImages v0.6.z will still be under maintenance. However, newly added test images will not be available in those versions.


A detailed guide on contributing to TestImages.jl can be found in the documentation mentioned above.