Open-source time-Temperature inversion of thermochronometric data
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Open-source time-Temperature inversion of thermochronometric data.

Implements a transdimensional Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) time-Temperature inversion with optional Simulated Annealing (e.g., 1, 2) using a Crank-Nicholson diffusion model following the equations of Ketcham, 2005.

This package currently supports zircon helium data with the damage and annealing model of Guenthner et al., 2013, with additional systems and models expected to be added in future releases.


Thermochron.jl can be installed in the same ways you would install any other registered Julia package, i.e.

] add Thermochron

at the Julia REPL, or alternatively

using Pkg


Download an example script such as ZrnHeInversionVartCryst.jl from the examples folder, along with any relevant data files, and run it in your favorite Julia-connected editor or IDE. A Manifest.toml is also provided in the examples folder, which you may Pkg.instantiate to ensure you have the same versions of all relevant packages that the example was built for.

See also the test suite for more information and examples.


When using model results derived from Thermochron.jl, you may cite this package as:

Keller, C.B., McDannell, K.T., Guenthner, W.R., and Shuster, D.L. (2022). Thermochron.jl: Open-source time-Temperature inversion of thermochronometric data.