A Julia implementation of incomplete LU factorization with zero level of fill in. Compatible with ForwardDiff.jl.
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ILUZero.jl is a Julia implementation of incomplete LU factorization with zero level of fill-in. It allows for non-allocating updates of the factorization. The module is compatible with ForwardDiff.jl.


  • Julia 1.0 and up


julia> ]
pkg> add ILUZero

Why use ILUZero.jl?

You probably shouldn't. Julia's built in factorization methods are much better. Julia uses SuiteSparse for sparse matrix factorization which factorizes at about nearly the same speed and results in similarly sized preconditioners which are much more robust. In addition, Julia uses heuristics to determine a good factorization scheme for your matrix automatically.

Due to the zero-fill of this package, however, factorization should be a bit faster and preconditioners can be preallocated if updated by a matrix of identical sparsity.

How to use

julia> using ILUZero
  • LU = ilu0(A): Create a factorization based on a sparse matrix A
  • ilu0!(LU, A): Update factorization LU in-place based on a sparse matrix A. This assumes the original factorization was created with another sparse matrix with the exact same sparsity pattern as A. No check is made for this.
  • To solve for x in (LU)x=b, use the same methods as you typically would: \ or ldiv!(x, LU, b). See the docs for further information.
  • There's also:
    • Forward substitution: forward_substitution!(y, LU, b) solves L\b and stores the solution in y.
    • Backward substitution: backward_substitution!(x, LU, y) solves U\y and stores the solution in x.
    • Nonzero count: nnz(LU) will return the number of nonzero entries in LU.


julia> using ILUZero
julia> using BenchmarkTools, LinearAlgebra, SparseArrays
julia> A = sprand(1000, 1000, 5 / 1000) + 10I
julia> fact = @btime ilu0(A)
       107.600 μs (16 allocations: 160.81 KiB)
julia> updated_fact = @btime ilu0!($fact, $A)
       71.500 μs (0 allocations: 0 bytes)