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This package defines:

  • AbstractInterval, along with its subtypes:
    • Interval{T,L,R}, which represents a non-iterable range between two endpoints of type T with left/right bounds respectively being L and R
    • AnchoredInterval{P,T,L,R}, which represents a non-iterable range defined by a single value anchor::T and the value type P which represents the span of the range. Left/right bounds are specifed by L and R respectively
      • HourEnding, a type alias for AnchoredInterval{Hour(-1)}
      • HourBeginning, a type alias for AnchoredInterval{Hour(1)}
      • HE and HB, pseudoconstructors for HourEnding and HourBeginning that round the anchor up (HE) or down (HB) to the nearest hour