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Easy way of building interactive applications from Julia. Uses Hyperscript to create HTML descriptions, and allows to execute Javascript & building of widgets. It also supports an offline mode, that exports your interactive app to a folder, and optionally records a statemap for all UI elements, so that a running Julia process isn't necessary anymore.

Have a look at the examples, or check out the most outstanding ones:

Markdown support

https://github.com/SimonDanisch/JSServe.jl/blob/master/examples/markdown.jl markdown_vol

Renchon et al., Argonne National Laboratory, unpublished

https://simondanisch.github.io/WGLDemos/soil/ soil


https://simondanisch.github.io/WGLDemos/oceananigans/ ocean

Smarthome dashboard:

https://github.com/SimonDanisch/SmartHomy/blob/master/web_app.jl image

Interactive Notebook:

https://nextjournal.com/Lobatto/FitzHugh-Nagumo simulation


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