Some computational tools for geochemistry
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Some computational tools for geochemistry


StatGeochem.jl is written in the Julia programming language.

In the Julia package manager (type ] in the REPL to enter):

pkg> add

or equivalently outside of the package manager:

julia> using Pkg
julia> Pkg.add(PackageSpec(url=""))


This package can be used in the Julia REPL, in scripts or functions in Julia .jl files, in the Juno/Atom IDE, or in a Jupyter notebook. There aren't examples yet for most of the code in this repository, but for a quick demonstration, try the interactive Jupyter notebooks (it may take a few minutes for these to launch)

The above links run notebooks from the examples/ folder on a JupyterHub server hosted by the Binder project. If you make changes to the online notebook, you can save them with File > Download as > Notebook (.ipynb) To run a downloaded notebook locally, use IJulia

julia> using IJulia
julia> notebook()