Computational tools for statistical geochemistry and petrology
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Computational tools for statistical geochemistry and petrology

In addition to functions exported by StatGeochem directly, StatGeochem also reexports (and depends upon internally) both StatGeochemBase.jl and NaNStatistics.jl


StatGeochem.jl is written in the Julia programming language, and is registered on the General registry. To install, enter the Julia package manager (type ] in the REPL) and type:

pkg> add StatGeochem

If you are trying to use a script written prior to ~2021, you may want to use the oldest registered version of the package, which you can install with (e.g.)

julia> add StatGeochem@v0.1


This package can be used in the Julia REPL, in scripts or functions in Julia .jl files, in the Juno/Atom IDE, or in a Jupyter notebook. There aren't examples yet for most of the code in this repository, but for a quick demonstration, try the interactive Jupyter notebooks (it may take a few minutes for these to launch)

The above links run notebooks from the examples/ folder on a JupyterHub server hosted by the Binder project. If you make changes to the online notebook, you can save them with File > Download as > Notebook (.ipynb) To run a downloaded notebook locally, use IJulia

julia> using IJulia
julia> notebook()